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Does Golf Let's Go measure to the Front, Center and Back of Greens?
Yes. Golf Let's Go measures distances to the Front, Center and Back of Greens along with up to 40 professionally mapped targets per hole. Targets include custom Layup distances that are tailored to YOUR club averages!
How do I switch between GPS Aerial View and GPS List View?
Press the tab at the upper right that says "Aerial View" or click on the upper right  hand corner where it shows the distance to the center of the green to switch back to the GPS View.
What do the little red/green locked symbols indicate?
The red symbol indicates that the GPS signal is not acquired. A green locked symbol indicates that the GPS signal is connected and that distances are locked in.
How do I accept Friend Requests?
1.  Step 1, click on "Friends"
2.  Step 2, click on "Pending Friend Requests"
3.  Step 3, Accept Friends


1. Step 1, Click on "My Settings"
2. Step 2, Click on "Auto Accept" for GLG Friend Requests

Why does my handicap say 0 or N/A? How do I get a Handicap?
To get an official Golf Let's Go handicap, you must complete a minimum of 5 complete 18 hole rounds using the Golf Let's Go App.
Where do I find my shot tracking stats?
1.  From the app home screen click on options
2.  Click on Stats
3.  Scroll all the way over to the right until you get to the "Swing Tracking" Screen
How to I End my Round and/or Start a New Round?
If you are currently in a round, end the round by going into:
1.  Options, then
2.  Manage round in progress
3.  End your round, select whether or not you want to save your scorecard.
4.  Once your round has ended, you can start a new game and select the course you want to play.
How to Edit a Score While you are playing a round
Step 1:  Click on the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Step 2:  "Jump to" the hole you want to edit the score for:

Step 3:  Once you are back on the hole you want to edit the score for push "Enter Score"

Step 4:  Click on the score you want to edit:

Step 5:  Enter your updated score and hit "Save"